Senin, 11 September 2017

A Gezellig Morning

It happened a week ago. I called it as one of gezellig moment during my life in The Netherlands. What is gezellig? This word does not has particular translation in English. It is an adjective which describe a cozy or nice atmosphere. In Denmark, Dane say hygge while Dutch say gezelig here. I cannot identify how to mention it in Indonesian.
Let me continue the story about one fine morning! We had pool party to celebrate PhD defense of my colleague. She invited us to her lovely home in North Brabrant, a province in south of this country. The house is a lovely, located in the middle of vast farmland. It has a swimming pool and grazing area for horses. She lives with her family and cute animals (horses, rabbits, chicken, also dog). On gray Friday afternoon, we drove there. Rain had just stopped before sunset. When the air seems welcome autumn soon, the temperature was slowly dropping.
I brought a big backpack to carry my camping gears. We reached the place after the day became dark. The soil was wet. I felt hesitate to camp although some tents have been set up on the camp ground. My intuition said that I want to sleep inside the tent, it is now or never! I thank to my colleague who convinced me to stay and helped me to realize it. Eventually, I made it happen: camping! I was thrilled.
The night passed by. We sat close to bonfire. The real pool party started at 3 a.m when three of my colleagues jumped into the pool. I was happy to stay next to the warmth. They would have a nice sleep afterward for sure. 
On the following morning, I heard the masticating sound. It was not hippo because I was in The Netherlands. In fact, the horses had a breakfast next to my tent. I peeked the morning light. I smelled the grass. I touched dew on grass tips. I stared out those horses who ignored me. As the sun rose brightly, people were awaken. We jumped into the garden house to make a coffee. The nice conversation began. Then we gathered for a brunch under the morning sun. We got quite supply of Vitamin D. I don't remember if I have ever had this feeling before. I noticed that moment, I wanted to stay there, right on that moment.   

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