Selasa, 12 Mei 2015

Like Mother Like Daughter

Almost whole my life, I used to hearing "you and your Dad look a like" or "you are a copy of your Dad, psychically and mentally as well". All my family and friends said so. Although Dad has passed away few years ago, whenever I met some of his colleague then they suddenly call me with my Dad's name. 

Until one day, after one session of Global Guest Project when international students in Wageningen University are invited to be speaker in front of high school students and simply teach about certain interesting topic. The big theme for that session was "My Utopia" and I specified it into "Creating My Own Farming Island". In line with my background of study, I began the session with explaining issue that I concern most related to Animal Nutrition and Environment. I dragged the audience to see there is possibility to build eco-friendly farm which is not only talking about production but also ecological aspects. Shortly, in the end of session, I invited them to help me creating ideal farm in the future. 
It was actually fruitful session. Those students are Dutch who live close to farming area. Everybody has lovely animals such as cute cat, dogs, fish, horse or else farmed animals. Short to say, it made me easier to bring the topic. They were very interactive and responsive toward recent issue. When I mentioned about environmental challenge of animal farm, they promptly said about methane and global warming. In the end of session, when we together drew white board to design future farm there was one girl who asked me to think about what kind of people that I want to invite to see that farm. She thought that people can be dangerous for nature if they don't know how to treat it. She has a point indeed!
Time was running imperceptibly, it came to closing remarks. I threw some quiz and ask their feedback about the theme. One of the most incredible feeling when some students called my name and personally said that they enjoy the session...I was flying to the cloud nine! Teacher of the class who also took part during discussion wanted to know whether I am a teacher or not? Then I answered "not really, I just love to tell a story" 
She continued to ask if I want to be a teacher in the future? And I told her that my Mom is a teacher, so probably it will be nice to continue her mission but in different field of study. That time, she gave me a moment of thinking how I could be a somewhat teacher is because of my Mom's talent. I don't have any experience honestly. As I remember, during Bachelor Degree there was one teaching program for students in Elementary School that I participated. When I worked last year, I assisted my office-mate's sister to study English during her preparation for final exam in high school. I was glad to see improvement of (let's say) my student and hearing that she graduated with good mark was so delightful. 
Meanwhile, my Mom became "single" again recently. She traveled and had a lot of fun with her friends who also have adult kids. During last chilled weekend, I haven't received any message from her, kind of weird. I sent her text message, then she replied couple hours later with picture and short note: "I just come back from hiking Mount Kelud, Blitar."
What? When did the last time you go for hiking Mom? Long time ago maybe, when I was a kid. I don't remember if there was moment of us doing outdoor activity except biking, swimming, going to the beach, and caving. She shortly commented "who do you think raise your hobby so far?"
True Mom, it's truly from you. It was her who gave me a globe, atlas book, and blind map. Since the first time I can walk, I know there is other part of the globe that I must see, it was all from you. Mom...maybe we're not traveling together right now but your prayer is always with me, release my big leap that God gives. 
Miles away from home, she always text me on Sunday morning "I am swimming this morning, do you swim too?"
Oh Mom, I lost my words now. I wish you be healthy and we can travel together when I am home, visit Lombok and Raja Ampat as you asked for.

One Hour Session of Teaching

My Mom is hiking to Mt. Kelud

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