Jumat, 14 November 2014

Why Don't You?

Gloomy day, temperature dropped to 11 degrees Celsius. It's warm, as my friend said because it's Denmark. Yeah, welcome autumn in Nordic! 
My class has just finished at 3 p.m and I would back to dorm soon rather than going anywhere. I heard my tummy was rumbling. Excuse me, Dear Tummy for late lunch! I took apples and bread, yet it didn't kick out. Rain poured and I pedaled my bike fast.
I was finishing my dishes when Jeppe, my flatmate came to our kitchen came in. He is one of totally 14 super-nice-students at 3rd floor, in my dorm. We started to say "Hej!" and continued an afternoon chit chat whilst he brought two bottles of shampoo.

Me = T ; Jeppe = J
J : "Titis, do you need shampoo?"
T: "Hmmmm..." still clean up dishes and stared out what he offer
J : "This shampoo is from Jens, since he moved out so some of his stuff are left. And the other one is a gift from a friend of mine, but I don't use both....."
T: "Well, I have already..thanks anyway"
Jeppe was looking at me, seems wondering something. I grinned then said
T: "Are you thinking whether I have hair on my head or not?"
We both were laughing..
J : "What a joke! Hahaha...I'm sure you have, it must be very nice. Why don't you uncover it?"
T: "That's the point Jeppe.."
J : "Hmm? I don't get it.."
T: "You said that my hair is nice, so I cover it...otherwise everybody will envy"
J : "Aha...good insight"

It's kind of casual way to answer their questions about hijab (furthermore about Islam) actually. I've been learning the art of representing my faith. It's not a matter of what you believe, but how you bring it into other people.

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