Minggu, 12 Oktober 2014


Her name is Chiara from Italy, my friendly classmate for Environmental Management subject. That day, we had full-day lecture and were enjoying our lunch-box-package during break. She asked me about an article that she read  in Italian newspaper, quest for sensitive topic she guessed. 
Me = T; Chiara = C

C : "Can I ask you something?"
T : "Sure, tell me!"
C : "I read a newspaper, an article in Italian about issue in your country.."
T : "What was that?"
C : "It was written about jilboobs.."
upss...I giggled suddenly, so did she
C : "I don't understand why are they protesting about this?" she touched my veil
T : "Okay, let me explain..this veil in Arabian called jilbab. It has a point, the purpose is first an identity as Moslem women. The other main thing is to protect women from bad things that happen.."
Apparently, Chiara didn't get about "bad things" that I told. Then I continued..
T : "We consider that male brain has wide imagination when he's attracted by sexual appeal. One of the thing that could trigger the uncontrolled mind is every inch of female's curve. That's why Islam orders the women to cover her body. Regarding with jilboobs, it's kind of phenomena when we wear jilbab but still show up the boobs."
C : "So it has a rule?"
T : "Yes, it should covered your body except hand and face. It has to be long veil so your boob will not be exposed."
C : "Okay, I got it."
T : "Well, I'm still learning yet to wear this actually"

Some questions such as "why do you wear veil?" or "are you a really religious person?" are getting normal to be answered. What Chiara said was a bit reluctant that I should overcome. I chose to wear hijab and this is one of my responsibility to represent Moslem. Because people see into a person, instead of the religion.

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