Senin, 28 April 2014

Lots of Love

Saturday afternoon, me and friends were heading Jimbaran Resto in North Jakarta. Cloud and raining was falling in some part of the city, however it would not ruin our mood. We were ready to rock Saturday Night on! Nice beach view collaborated with Balinese decoration, such a cozy place to reunite.

"Good morning alumni members! It's already the day of Alumni Gathering 2014!"

Short text message reminded me of the agenda that has been awaited. Alumni gathering is annually organized by IAAS LC IPB. Again and again, I introduce you briefly about IAAS an international association for agricultural students which has been existing in Indonesia for 21 years. Nowadays, IAAS Indonesia has established in more than 6 universities.
Nice theme for this year "LOL : Lots of Love" to appreciate IAAS couples. Well, last year Mr. Arif Satria as founder of IAAS Indonesia who married with his former secretary announced another abbreviation of IAAS as International Affairs Association Student. What a lovely! 
As published by its founder, married couple between IAAS members become new trend. Let's see my senior Ahsan and Sabila, Yogha and Dita, also the hottest one Doddy and Devi (who won The Most Romantic Couple of This Year). Moreover, members who have special relationship are uncountable. It happens not only in my local committee but also another part of IAAS Indonesia as well. Based on my witness, after World Congress in Mexico 2009 there was also international love surrounded us. A good friend of mine, named Natalie from IAAS Ukraine was married to Memo from Mexico. They rise cute baby girl and live happily in Canada today. 
Literary, love itself does not refer to romantic one. We shared more than this, love to Big Family of IAAS. That was also moment to celebrate birthday of Our Beloved Mom, Prof. Hanny Wijaya. It was quite surprising when MC led the audiences to sing IAAS Jingle, in fact we presented birthday song for her. Mom Hanny has been supervised IAAS IPB for 11 years. She drench us with her love. 
Just like another romantic story, that moment Mom Hanny also told about her love journey till she met Mr. Right who became her husband. One thing that she noted "when love comes, just say "Hi!" and "Welcome!"

Side by side with Deputy and Secretary

Happy Birthday Mom Hanny!

Alumni of IAAS IPB
People may think I am over do, but what I realized through this organization is another definition of loving is giving. Almost 7 years, I have been taking part in IAAS. The memories are linger, those people sincerely motivate each other, and the atmosphere would always make me feel so grateful. Thanks God, for pouring me never ending love all around :)



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