Minggu, 05 Januari 2014

Like Father, Like Daughter

Another weekend to spend, I went to cinema and watched Hours, last movie of Paul Walker before his terrible crash on last December that sent him away from this world forever. Believe me this last scene was not least. Hours take setting time when hurricane katrina attacked New Orleans on August, 2005. One day before the storm is predicted approaching the area, Nolan Hayes (Paul Walker) arrives at hospital with his wife who about to give birth of their first baby. The birth is tragically going wrong and Nolan lost his wife. Desperately, Nolan stayed at hospital with his daughter who dependent on a ventilator. Meanwhile the disaster ruin everything quickly, flood filled street and building, Nolan struggled for evacuation.
Paul Walker really made it. The 40 years old actor performed his best to express loss and love. Hours teach me a lot of moral values. It’s about giving what you mostly need. Not only for humanity sake, is message of loving animal also well delivered. It appears when Nolan finds a starving rescue dog at the hospital and feed him. He names the smart dog with Sherlock and regards him as his missing buddy.

The emotion from Hours reminds of father-daughter movie which is starred by Channing Tatum with the title White House Down. John Cale (Channing Tatum) a police officer assigned for Speaker of House. Cale is trying to impress his daughter, Emily who is really passionate about politic by applying for position as President Secret Service. Due to his lack of authority, the job interview is dashed. After outcome of the session, he goes through Capitol tour with his daughter. At the same time, President faces bombing threat. White House lockdown separates Cale and Emily.
Plot of the story put strained condition in every minute of the movie. Showing her love, Cale is ready to sacrifice anything to guard her daughter above all strength he remains. Emily also bravely does as much as she can to save her father. By that chance, father-daughter relationship brings them as a team to survive. What a nudging action movie!

Both movies take me into childhood memories. No, I don’t have any heroic moment like Emily and her father. Almost same, I know the feeling how being daughter of Police Officer. The moment when Dad forced me to do a lot of exercise whenever he noticed that I am overweight always put smile on my lips. Otherwise, he was my number one partner to finish all the meal as much as I could swallow. Frankly, everybody said to me that I am his resemblance. Am I? His discipline, his sincerity, his loyalty, not that similar, still I am on progress to learn it from him. 

Dad, did we talk about my future dream? Sorry I am not going to spend the rest of my life as a cop, but I promise to make it on my way. Sure I remember all your words: more discipline (get up early morning, do some sports, tidy up my stuff) and maintain relationship with all family and friends.

May you rest in peace Dad !

-Your First Daughter-

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