Rabu, 02 Oktober 2013

Goat Farm

When Antonio came to Indonesia last September, he told me that his boss also traveled with him. I met them right after their plane has been safely landed. He introduced me to his boss, Miguel is the name.
(M = Miguel; A = Antonio; T = Me)

T : "Hi, I am Titis"
M : "Miguel, nice to meet you"
T : "Is it your first time in Indonesia?"
M : "Yes"
T : "Bienvenidos Senor!"
M : "Si, gracias"

That was the second time for Antonio to be here, after great summer three years ago when he participated international conference of our organization. Meanwhile, conversation was going fruitfully, we did exchange a lot of stories until we were up to college life.

T : "Antonio, tell me about your product"
A : "Premium goat cheese made by traditional recipe"
T : "What an authentic!"
A : "You told me that your final project was about dairy goat"
T : "Yap! I observed feed management in local farm of dairy goat and compared it to new ration that I formulated"
A : "And what happen then?"
T : "It significantly improved milk production, the difference up to one liter due to my formulation."
A : "He has goat farm in Spain" (Antonio stared to his boss)
T : "How many goats are there Sir?"
M : "Around 7000 heads"
T : "That is huge! In my farm, I mean the place of my project, there were only 40 goats as I remember. Does that farm supply milk to your factory?"
M : "Yeah, sure"
T : "So your business is very integrated. You can control the quality of raw material as well. Is it possible for me to do internship on your farm Sir?"
M : "Let's see what you can do in my farm"

I was extremely excited with Mr. Miguel's response. When we arrived in hotel, Antonio ensured me to move with the mission about dairy farm.
A : "You need to approach him, Titis. He is the owner of my company."
T : "He is? You didn't mention that Antonio"
A : "I told you that I came with my boss"
T : "Thought that your supervisor or manager who would accompany you"
A : "No, he is the big boss"
T : "WOW, just wow! What do you think the best approaching way to him?"
A : "Make money, only two choices for you such as to reduce the cost or maximize profit"
T : "Kind of same business rule everywhere"
A : "Seriously think about this chance"
T : "Hey, I have a plan to continue my Master Degree in animal nutrition. I'll be loved to do research about dairy goat deeper then apply it. And maybe that farm will be the first place."

We apparently grow up. Future dreams await to be embraced. Someday, we're gonna make it. 

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