Senin, 16 September 2013

Till We Meet Again

Summer 2010..
Remember when we played on a beach like a kid, we were student who tried to do something for every place that we stepped into. Environmental issue is always interesting, thus we decided to be involved in coral reclamation and mangrove plantation. How are they doing now? I haven't looking after anyway, my bad!

Winter 2011..
First time I saw snowfall and rolled into a ball. Yeah you got me punch, everybody showed many droll whims. 

In the beginning of 2012..
Farewell party was always hardest part. However we said "see you in other part of the globe"

This year..
Unbelievably you come to Jakarta for business stuff. Guess what? We're seem doing same thing as our path of international career. It was short meeting with a lot of things to share. Besides, we still travel our life journey. Till we meet again Antonio, here, there, anywhere (as we promise). 

Hasta en el futuro

Almost Midnight
Left - Right : Titis - Icha - Daniel - Antonio

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