Senin, 17 Juni 2013

University of Life

Her name is Nada, my colleague from New Zaeland. I met her in Singapore last week and we shared many things, random topics definitely.

N = Nada; T = Titis 

N : "What did you do before working Titis?"
T : "I was graduate student at that moment"
N : "And what did you study?"
T : "Animal Science, majoring in Animal Nutrition. I took my bachelor degree in Bogor Agricultural University"
N : "So you learnt agriculture? I was also life science student"
T : "Really? What was your major?"
N : "Ecology, very in touch with human being and environment"
T : "Did you take master degree, Nada?"
N : "Nope, I continued my study into University of Life. Yeah, working and independent learning till I became an expert in this field"
T : "That the real Life Science is"

Nada is expertise in Export-Import stuff especially for dairy product. She and her husband built exporting agency, started the business 3 years ago, and now strengthen the collaboration to enter Asia-Pacific Market. It is emphasized that education will never stop since we graduated from school, keep a long life learning in every single step we take.

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